How to calculate an isocenter: Example II


The Isocenter option enables the processing of CT data, incl. 3D polymer gel dosimetry, towards the calculation of the isocentre in radiotherapy under the control of CT (CT-guided radiotherapy).


The polyGeVero-CT software package can also process files generated by the compatible polyGeVero software package (works e.g. on MRI, CT and OCT data). Therefore, the isocenter option in polyGeVero-CT can also be used for MR-guided radiotherapy by processing 3D dosimetry data with polyGeVero software, and then exporting files for polyGeVero-CT processing to determine the isocenter.


This movie demonstrates the isocenter calculation (Example II) for a TPS generated plan where several beams are crossing each other in one point. The data is processed without using a template in 2D mode.