2Day.QA® invented, designed and manufactured by GeVero Co. for 2D dosimetry of ionising radiation: 2D flat radiotherapy dosimeter


Item catalogue number: 2Day.QA-1-7

(see photos)




1. Daily checks of an accelerator beam geometry (testing coincidence of x-ray and light filed) – main application

2. Checks of a brachytherapy source position for an afterloader – main application


Some features of the dosimeter:

1. Very easy to use
2. For single use
3. Not for use in a water phantom; not water resistant
4. Can be delivered with some predefined scales or as a plain dosimeter without scales
5. Can be scanned with a flatbed scanner, Espon dedicated scanner for the like 2D dosimeters, and with a Vidar scanner. 
6. Original dosimeter sheets are designed with GeVero Co. logotype and 2Day.QA® trademark.





The dosimeter is manufactured in A4 format.


More information can be found elsewhere: Phys. Medica, 2022, 104, 23-31: Abstract